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Vixen Advantage

Vixen Harps takes pride in offering our clientele a choice venue for purchasing virtually any harp or harp accessory they can imagine. It was from this wide selection and dedication to service that we created the Vixen Advantage, a first in Canada of its kind; since imitated but never duplicated.

When buying or renting through Vixen Harps, every client is automatically guaranteed the following:

* When you rent a Celtic lever harp from Vixen Harps, up to four (4) months of your rental fees can be directly applied to the cost of purchasing a Celtic lever harp through us.
* As official dealers of Lyon & Healy, all clients have automatic access to the Lyon & Healy Bounty Program.
*Vixen Harps will clear customs and absorb the brokerage fees of virtually all purchases. Warehouse storage charges will also be absorbed on condition. Please enquire for more information.
* We absorb the bulk of the hidden fees associated with importation of a harp from outside Canada. These fees can often add hundreds, even thousands of dollars to the final price of your purchase. At Vixen Harps, we are committed to helping our clients maximize their savings. We are pleased to present clients with an accounting of their total savings.
* Vixen Harps provides door-to-door delivery service on harps purchased through us, for a moderate fee. We use a heated and air conditioned van and are sensitive to the climate conditions when delivering your harp. With over a decade of experience, use a service you can trust.
* We offer continuing after service care for all of our valued clients, including technical trouble-shooting on virtually any harp model. Kathy is proud to have studied at the Salvi factory in Piasco Italy, and with independant technicians.
* You will find a large selection of manufacturers and varieties harps to choose from on our showroom floor. Interested parties are encouraged to make an apointment to come and sample the selection we offer. A moderate consultation fee for Kathy's expertise and time is applied, but waived upon purchase or rental through Vixen Harps.
* You are dealing with a fully bona fide and legitimate Canadian harp dealer who takes pride in being Canadian and paying taxes. GST & PST numbers are available and full receipts are issued on all transactions, which entitles you to full warranty and exchange guaranties of the manufacturer.
* Clients outside of Ontario do not pay provincial sales tax!

For the best in Harps by Lyon & Healy, Triplett,  R-Harps, and  Rees Instruments.

 You can make an appointment to visit us at our Ottawa show room by calling 613-422-4155

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